Miami @ Play

December 1-6, 2018

Miami @ Play is a first time showcase of playful creative works, contained within the Filmgate Miami Interactive Festival and presented during Art Basel-Miami. From the organizers and curators of Filmgate Interactive, The Smithsonian American Art Museum's SAAM Arcade, Blank Arcade and others.

2018 Location:

155 S. MIAMI AVENUE,6th Floor
MIAMI, FL 33130

The Event

Miami @ Play

Miami @ Play is a curated collection of art and design work that seeks to demonstrate the range of playful experiences. The event is curated and organized in collaboration with Filmgate Miami. The curators are:

Whether toy, video game, board game or big game, we aim to showcase how games can move us to joy, tears, critical reflection and social impact. The event champions the diversity of play, its potentials and the unique ways that games can build community, transcend language, serve as artistic medium

The games in the showcase will be open to the public and shown among leading creative work in interactive media and film.The selections for the event include: (*best in show award)

The event begins on December 1, 2018 and continues through December 6th in downtown Miami.

Hours of operation are :

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FILMGATE MIAMI is a not-for-profit film organization that empowers actors, writers, and independent filmmakers in Florida. Filmgate Miami strives to bring audiences and creators together through workshops, screenings, and educational events that benefit the community at large.


Selected Work

The following work was selected for showcase at Miami @ Play 2018.

Purchase the 2018 book ($5 usd)

Press about the exhibit

Filmmaker Magazine: A Sneak Peek at the 6th FilmGate Interactive Media Festival, Lauren Wissot, November 26, 2018

University of Miami School of Communication: Miami @ Play , Karina Valdes, Novemebr 29, 2018

Fox (channel 61): Quinnipiac professor’s video game wins acclaim, Jim Altman, December 17, 2018


Photos of the 2018 event

Contact Us:

Please send questions to playfest at

Purchase the 2018 book ($5 usd)
2018 Event location:

155 S. MIAMI AVENUE, 6th Floor
MIAMI, FL 33130

Hours of operation were :

  • Saturday, December 1st,
  • 2PM - 10PM
  • Sunday, December 2nd,
  • 1PM - 5:30PM
  • Monday, December 3rd
  • 2PM - 10PM
  • Tuesday, December 4th
  • 2PM - 10PM
  • Wednesday, December 5th
  • 2PM - 10PM
  • Thursday, December 6th
  • 2PM - 10PM